Saturday, March 21, 2009

Persona 3: The creme del creme



Today I would like to introduce to you a RPG game, Persona 3 for the PS2. Before I start, let me get this out of my chest. OMG!!!!! Persona 3 is the best gamer EVA!!!. Phew… now we can begin. For those who still not notice, this is one of my favourite RPG games. This game is the combination of RPG and Dating Sim,

You start of as a male high school protagonist living in a co-ed dorm. You’re a part of a special group of high schoolers with special abilities to summon monsters called personas to help them in their quest to get rid of the ‘dark hour’ which is a special time where the world becomes a nightmare. What sold me into this game are two things, how they summon their personas (by shooting themselves ON THE HEAD!) and the dating sim kind of game play

Our protagonist not only have to fight and level up during night time, but also deal with problem like any teenager would (exams, girls, co- curriculum, friends, etc.). Your interaction with friends during daytime will affect the strength of your personas so you have to schedule your time to get the maximum potential. This for me is the shinning point of the game because this enables us to feel connected to the character and the environments in the game….I feel that I want to know all my friends as I progress into the game.

The storyline is good, game play is superb, and, animation is top notch. I highly recommend for those who like RPG or just like a great game. BTW this game also has another version name Persona 3:FES. This includes the original game plus extra and the story after the original.

Here are some samples of the gameplay: