Saturday, April 11, 2009

Persona 4: Can it live up to the name??


Now I would like to introduce you to the all new Persona 4 for PS2. This game is the true testament that PS2 is like alive even better than PS3. The question now would this game be as good as the pervious game (Persona 3). Lets find out.

First, lets talk about gamplay. The core gameplay is almost the same but now you can control other NPC beside the protagonist but it still game over even tough you’re the only one who dies. The new feature is the allies help. If your relationship with your allies increase, this will unlock thing such a special attack, take a blow for you and even cure status like dizzy. The best part of the game for me is the bosses. They are all very unique and I’m not gonna spoil it for those who still haven’t play the game (Why?? Go buy one NOW!). The Story is about you and your friend trying to solve a murder spree in a small town. Thing like school still retain with some minor enhancement.

Verdict: I can say that Persona 4 is better than Persona 3. why?? First of all the story is not the typical save the world but investigating crimes which for me is quite a new experience. Second of all the story is more emotionally charge compare to the previous one. Over the course of the game you will see your friend’s weakness and problems like teen angst, puppy love, jealousy, even gender identity which rarely discuss in a game. When you get to know all this you feel a certain connection to them and this is where persona 4 shine the most

In conclusion, I cannot stress this than to buy this game immediately for those who have PS2.

Here are example of gameplay, DON.....!!